Creating a safer and healthier workplace.

HSEQ Direct is a global online all-in-one Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management System incorporating interactive learning, certification, communication and registration – vital for any workplace involving risks… in any industry… anywhere!

Where making mistakes can be fatal,
preventing them is our goal!


Everything starts with the effective communication. HSEQ Direct’s communication consists of several online and offline tools and products, such as: HSElife UPDATE newsletter, various tutorial videos and OPSlife Messenger – interactive tool for direct and secure communication.

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With HSEQ Direct you will always have essential and up-to-date HSEQ information at your fingertips. You will benefit from effective information, which we convert into interactive training modules (e-learning) and Action Focused campaigns, among other things. Easy-to-use and directly applicable information for your employees.

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Essential knowledge is only effective if it is properly maintained and efficiently registered. This is where XLR Academy and Registration system come in, giving you the certainty that your employees’ knowledge us always up-to-date and top-of-mind. The perfect tools for supplementing training courses and seminars. Knowledge acquired quickly fades if it is not maintained.

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The platform

What could be more convenient than a platform that your employees can use 24/7 and that offers them all the tools and information they need to excel in their roles? The HSEQ Direct platform us well-organized, easy to use and full of interesting content for any workplace involving risks… in any industry… anywhere!


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In order to help your employees to shine and your company to excel in the areas of health, safety, environment and quality, it is essential that the HSEQ Direct platform remains in continuous development. To achieve this we keep close tabs on many industry developments, we respond to userss’ demands and questions and we apply your feedback to keep optimizing the platform.

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