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We use our brains and follow our heart. This may sound logical, but it is far from common practice. It is why we work with specialists, each with his or her own expertise, passion and love for the job. A group of specialists with an inexhaustible drive to provide you with the best solution to your communication challenge. Together, these specialists form The WAT Group, in which ‘WAT’ stands for ‘Working Apart Together’. We combine the right strengths to create a team for you that offers all the expertise needed to produce a result that will exceed your expectations.

We strengthen our clients with…


We’re quick on our feet, but we don’t just jump in. A high-impact communication trajectory can only be built on the foundation of thorough analysis. Together with you, we identify desires, ambitions and processes within the organization. We address pain points, make complex subjects transparent and manageable, and bring ambitious targets within reach.


Working with The WAT Group means you can count on advice that will fit seamlessly into your organizational structure. But that is not all. Our concepts, typically, centre on ground-breaking ideas with a broad impact. Smart, practical solutions for existing situations, or innovative advice on exploring new avenues.


With the expertise of various specialists, the concepts we develop begin to take shape. In order to ensure a smooth production process, our specialists work closely together with the people responsible in your organization, thus achieving a satisfactory result. A result with impact.

Post-project evaluation

After a successful implementation, we evaluate the impact of the communication effort. This includes a critical review of the continuity of the processes within your organization, aimed at making sure you can continue to benefit from an effective communication concept. After all, repetition is the power of your message.


Concepts worked out in detail will only have an effect if they are implemented correctly. This is why we’ll be backing you during implementation as well. Together we ensure that communication trajectories are optimally implemented in order to guarantee high quality and a lasting effect.


Effective implementation of a communication projects within your organization may require you to develop specific in-house knowledge. This is why we do not just offer effective communication concepts and trajectories; we also ensure that you have the necessary knowledge within your organization by offering training modules. In this area we work together with a reputable training agency. It is one more way of making sure that you will always get the most out of working with The WAT Group.

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A clear line of communication is the essential link within each process. Owing to our broad experience we speak the same language as our clients and possess appropriate knowhow. By uniting creativity, original ways of thinking and close cooperation with our clients, we achieve successful results. Please take a look at a selection of our partners that we are proud to have the opportunity to work with, and still do.

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